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videosynthΩhm_2 proto Arduino Due video synth / audio visualizer (photos and video)

top view

The first prototype of the videosynthΩhm_2 is finished!
The videosynthΩhm_2 is a sort of video synthesizer or better a pattern generator that reacts to incoming audio. It is designed with live performance in mind.

The video output is lowfi, 8 bit style, glitchy and a little weird ;-)

top view

Engravings on acrylic with sugru and videosynthΩhm_2 preview

It's some time that I'm working on the videosynthΩhm_2 project. The videosynthΩhm_2 is a videosynth / audio visualizer based on an Arduino Due. The hardware prototype is already finished but I have some more coding to do. I've also made a very simple case of black acrylic. In the next days I'll post more about the videosynthΩhm_2.

This is a preview picture of the videosynthΩhm_2 prototype:
Today I want to share a technique to achieve professional looking engravings on acrylic. Normally the raster text engravings on black acrylic made with a laser cutter are hard to read. The idea is to fill the engravings with white sugru. Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand, once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone.

How to:

ANALOGICA 2013 ritual performance (video, photos, box set release)

Live visual performance by akirasrebirth in Auer during the ANALOGICA Festival:

Live ritual performance: An Encounter of Paths at Analogica Festival
Akirasrebirth . Visuals .
Bluttanzt . Prints .
StressfuckthorLaerm . Analog Noise .

Some nice pics of the performance by Sara Masè:

Live Ritual Performance (video)

Short video from the live ritual performance by:
Akirasrebirth . Visuals .
Bluttanzt . Prints .
StressfuckthorLaerm . Analog Noise .
at Art Cafè Schlanders, Italy

The 15th december we will perform another time at the Analogica Festival
We will also release a limited box set with prints, audio and video.

motorized video kaleidoscope (video & photos)

This is my new toy for live video performances...
The structure is made with makerbeams. The kaleidoscope is placed on 4 bearings. The motor is a 28byj-48 stepper with a ULN2003 controller. The controller is attached to an Arduino Duemilanove. The Arduino is connected to a potentiometer to control the rotation speed of the kaleidoscope. There is also a switch to control the direction of the rotation. To transmit the motion to the kaleido a Lego rubber wheel is used. The camera is a cheap surveillance camera.

This is a short clip of a live show using the kaleidoscope and the videosynthΩhm 1:

mini crt monitor hack

Last week I found an old broken Panasonic VHS-camcorder on the street near the recycle bins.
The camcorder was not powering up ...but... this old camcorders have very small crt b/w viewfinders. The interesting thing is that most of them have a native composite input.