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kvsu and akirasrebirth live at sinstruct festival 2014 (photos and video)

The performance yesterday at sinstruct festival was great. Nice venue and nice people. Here some photos by Sara Masè and a video of the first song.

kvsu and akirasrebirth live at Sinstruct Festival

kvsu and akirasrebirth live at Sinstruct Festival

Friday, August 8  11:00 pm


kvsu and akirasrebirth SEN | XOR live at transart festival 2014!

SEN | XOR is a personal experience.

In SEN | XOR your vital functions and your conscious and unconscious movements generate sounds and pictures. You control kvsu~akirasrebirth's instruments with your body, your feelings and your perception.

You are the audience, the interpreter, the composer and the instrument. Analogue and unpredictable.

Enter SEN | XOR a private experience 

Duration > 5min

videosynthΩhm_2 proto Arduino Due video synth / audio visualizer (photos and video)

top view

The first prototype of the videosynthΩhm_2 is finished!
The videosynthΩhm_2 is a sort of video synthesizer or better a pattern generator that reacts to incoming audio. It is designed with live performance in mind.

The video output is lowfi, 8 bit style, glitchy and a little weird ;-)

top view

Engravings on acrylic with sugru and videosynthΩhm_2 preview

It's some time that I'm working on the videosynthΩhm_2 project. The videosynthΩhm_2 is a videosynth / audio visualizer based on an Arduino Due. The hardware prototype is already finished but I have some more coding to do. I've also made a very simple case of black acrylic. In the next days I'll post more about the videosynthΩhm_2.

This is a preview picture of the videosynthΩhm_2 prototype:
Today I want to share a technique to achieve professional looking engravings on acrylic. Normally the raster text engravings on black acrylic made with a laser cutter are hard to read. The idea is to fill the engravings with white sugru. Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand, once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone.

How to:

ANALOGICA 2013 ritual performance (video, photos, box set release)

Live visual performance by akirasrebirth in Auer during the ANALOGICA Festival:

Live ritual performance: An Encounter of Paths at Analogica Festival
Akirasrebirth . Visuals .
Bluttanzt . Prints .
StressfuckthorLaerm . Analog Noise .

Some nice pics of the performance by Sara Masè: