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logo vector rescanning with vectrex

Vector rescanning with a vectrex monitor and video synth with LZX visual cortex, maths, vcNOIZ, Quadrature LFO and a standalone function generator.The pictures are the logos from kvsu and akirasrebirth. Sound of the video from SEN I XOR project


  1. Great stuff! Are you running a video signal into the Vectrex or an audio signal?

    1. thanks!a video signal passing through the visual cortex module for the picture and audio signals for the movement.

  2. Ah wow okay, so you installed an 1/8" jack on the x-axis and an RCA jack on the y-axis?

  3. I'v installed jacks on x,y and z-axis. On the z-axis connect the luma out of the visual cortex (you have to amplify the signal). On the x and y-axis a horizontal and vertical ramp from visual cortex (you have to amplify this signals also).

  4. Great work, man! I liked your style. I usually do my vectors and post them here But I'm thinking about making my own design blog, like you did =)