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Sony xv-t33f

The xv-t33f is a touchpad video titler of the early 90′s. You can overlay custom titles and graphics to videos. I have bought two of this nice devices on ebay and i will try to circuit bent them. I will report back soon.

The twins

Detail of the touchpad 
    Not battery operated, it is mains powered. DANGER!!!
For security reasons: Tupperware security box ;-)

Video of original xv-t33f 


  1. hey, what is your status on your bend? i already killed one. two more to go: )

    1. I also killed one :( ... now I'm working on an other project but when I have more time I will try the second one.

  2. hey,only bend the 4 CSI video buffer chips, on any of the feet. any other chip is fatal: )