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videosynthΩhm 1 prototype (video and photo)

videosynthΩhm 1 is a circuit bent video processor by akirasrebirth

original specs:

  • 3 RGB sliders
  • controls for brightness, color and contrast
  • split screen
  • control for sharpness and noise reduction


  • switch between original crystal clock and variable clock LTC1799 circuit
  • turn on and off the crystal
  • 4 different video effects (normal, b/w, posterize, negative, horizontal color bars)
  • variable glitch bent
  • patchbay with 6 bents
  • 3 rgb sliders with different horizontal color bars
  • custom case

a short video to show the basic functions:

circuit bending and construction of the prototype:


  1. great work.
    may i ask what the original device was?
    what does the digital part you changed the clock for LTC1799 do in the original machine?

  2. thanks!

    it's a videonics processor plus. I've added the LTC1799 circuit to the output pin of the crystal. I think the crystal gives the clock to the main IC. Look at this picture ... the crystal is the oval component near the yellow RCA connectors