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Engravings on acrylic with sugru and videosynthΩhm_2 preview

It's some time that I'm working on the videosynthΩhm_2 project. The videosynthΩhm_2 is a videosynth / audio visualizer based on an Arduino Due. The hardware prototype is already finished but I have some more coding to do. I've also made a very simple case of black acrylic. In the next days I'll post more about the videosynthΩhm_2.

This is a preview picture of the videosynthΩhm_2 prototype:
Today I want to share a technique to achieve professional looking engravings on acrylic. Normally the raster text engravings on black acrylic made with a laser cutter are hard to read. The idea is to fill the engravings with white sugru. Sugru is a self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand, once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone.

How to:

This is the acrylic panel before ... very hard to read... and a pack of sugru:
Firmly press sugru into the engravings with a stick or with your fingers:

Wipe off the remaining sugru with the finger:
Finished panel:
How to video:
I think it's possible to use this technique also for other kinds of engravings beside text... and sugru is also available in other colors :)


  1. Nice trick! I just ordered some Sugru to try this out myself.

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