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videosynthΩhm_2 proto Arduino Due video synth / audio visualizer (photos and video)

top view

The first prototype of the videosynthΩhm_2 is finished!
The videosynthΩhm_2 is a sort of video synthesizer or better a pattern generator that reacts to incoming audio. It is designed with live performance in mind.

The video output is lowfi, 8 bit style, glitchy and a little weird ;-)

top view

This is my first bigger project with the Arduino Due. The Arduino Due is a nice board with more power as the standard Arduino. I'm using the Due VGA library by stimmer for generating a composite video signal. The library has basic graphics functions for points, lines, triangles, circles and rectangles and supports color output.

top view
  • Arduino Due running VGA DUE library with custom sketch
  • Seven band graphic equalizer IC MSGEQ7
  • Audio in for an amplified electret microphone
  • 7 potentiometers
  • 4 push buttons
  • 1 RGB LED
  • Video out RCA
  • The first left potentiometer is used as program selector. The videosynthΩhm_2 has 8 different effects. The color of the RGB LED changes accordantly to the chosen program.
  • The other 6 potentiometers control different parameters (size, position on x axis, position on y axis, scrolling up and down, scrolling left and right, color etc)
  • If a pot is turned all the way to the right the values of the parameter changes randomly 

  • First button on the left: 
    • click: clear screen
    • hold: deactivate audio reaction on all 6 parameters
  • Other buttons:
    • click: activates the audio reaction on the parameter 1,2,3
    • hold: activates the audio reaction on the parameter 4,5,6
side view

side view

side view

This are the specs planned for the next version:
  • real pcb
  • double stackable shield layout. One shield as VGA DUE library shield the other as controller shield
  • VGA and video RCA output
  • PAL and NTSC switchable
  • 6 LED + 1 RGB LED
  • 7 push buttons
  • new case design
and later perhaps:
  • LCD display
  • multidirectional buttons

Some photos from the inside:
videosynthohm_2 with electret microphone

videosynthohm_2 shield

on the left the MSGEQ7 IC an the RCA output

bottom view

Arduino Due with headers


  1. / Could you give me a more step by step guide to build one. I'm so into this. Love you're site BTW. :)

  2. In the next month I'lll work on the final release and then I'll share schematics and code.
    In the meanwhile look at:

  3. Alll cool. Thanks for those links!

  4. One of the coolest projects I have seen this year... AWESOME!.. hope the code and schematics will be released soon as open source.. great work!

  5. and, was that released?

  6. Fantastic! Where are you on this project? I would love to buy a kit from you. Are these available? Thanks

  7. are these available for purchase yet?
    thanks in advance!

  8. Seriously cool. If you put together a kit, I bet you could sell a bunch of these. I know I want to buy one!

  9. Would be very nice if these were for purchase as a kit

  10. Any chance, the code and schematics are available?

  11. sorry guys but this project will remain a prototype ... I'm working on other projects now

  12. Great project!
    Will you ever publish code and schematics?
    Please do it :-)


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