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phonogening hang

phonogening hang
by ubumaic (a.k.a. michele cagol)
this piece was created from a short musical fragment played on a swiss idiophone hang, recorded during a live performance by kvsu (hannes pasqualini and michele cagol, both playing modular synthesizers) with emanuel valentin on the hang. the sample remained for several months in the audio buffer of my phonogene eurorack module. the make noise phonogene is a digitally re-envisioned version of the musique concrète phonogene, a tape-based instrument designed by jacques poullin and used by composer pierre schaeffer. the sample was processed exclusively by the modular synthesizer during a two-day solo improvisation session, resulting in several recordings, one of which is reproduced here with minor edits.

oscillographics by akirasrebirth
made with a modified vectrex monitor and modular eurorack synth. The titles are created with vector rescanning technique using the visual cortex module by LZX-Industries. The rest of the video are Lissajous patterns created using a quadrature LFO and a function generator. For the modulation I used a Roland Scooper module with a custom virtual patch.

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