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eurorack raspberry pi video player

This is my latest DIY project: eurorack raspberry pi video player.
It consists of two modules:
- rack mounted raspberry pi with 4 USB, HDMI, ethernet, composite out, audio out and a pi camera.
- control panel with 9 buttons with LED and 3 pushbuttons

As video player software I use "pi presents gapless"
Pi presents is a great software for black box interactive multi-media applications.
For now I configured only the basic functions:
- 3 buttons with LED to select the banks. Every bank has 6 videos. The videos are stored on an USB stick.
- 6 buttons with LED to play the single videos
- 1 button for pause and play
- 1 button to shut down the raspberry (hold for 5 seconds)

With this project I learned a lot:
- made my first etched pcb with cold toner transfer method
- how to make aluminum panels with toner transfer method
- linux ... still a lot to learn

Next things to do:
- implement the pi camera
- implement usb cam
- preload video files (now there is 1 second delay between button press and video start)
- sync out
- learn open frameworks to program an advanced video player with effects and video mixing

PCB control module

working on raspberry rack mount

panel design test

alternative black design

PCB with soldered components

sideview control module

finished control module


  1. Hi sir! found this and would like to ask if you can post your codes for the entire project? would really appreciate it and will be used as reference for my thesis project. thank you so much in advance!

  2. Any tips on learning resources for making the aluminum panels? This is some superb craftsmanship. I am looking at building a 12 node raspberry pi cluster and these faceplates (with your technique for the screen printing for the node name) would be perfect.